Sabbath: A Gift

This blog was originally posted by SEND International. It is reposted with permission. This blog post has been written by Bruce Cannon who, with his wife, Linda, served as church planters in Poland for 17 years before moving back to the States to lead SEND’s Personnel & Member Care Department. In this article in our […]

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Sabbath for Missionaries

This blog was originally posted by All Nations International. It is reposted with permission from the author, Kevin Weigelt who, along with his family, have served in Romania as missionaries with All Nations since 2008. He has a passion to train and coach European leaders to reach the neglected, make disciples, and ignite church planting […]

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8 Creative Ways to Serve as Senders

This article has been adapted from the recent podcast episode, “The Crucial Role of Senders in the Great Commission.” Peggy Spiers of All Nations International, shared many great thoughts in this episode, and we wanted to share some of them with you in this post. This article will share some of many ways that Senders […]

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Thinking Through Generous Giving

Donna and Jim Brownstone have been watching their spending closely during the pandemic. Thankfully, their family still has regular income, but there is enough uncertainty about the economy that they feel that it’s wise to be careful. They also remember that Christmas is just around the corner, and they’d like to have a few things […]

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The Strategic Role of Senders

Whenever I speak in churches, I have a favourite question I like to ask early in my presentation. First, I briefly provide clarity on two key words. By “Goers” we mean missionaries – those who will “lay down their lives” in a home context to take them up again to be salt and light, often […]

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A Vision for the Global Missions Toolbox

Honestly, Susan was a bit discouraged. She had just locked the church after the monthly missions committee meeting. As she dropped her bag on the car seat beside her, she sat in the quiet and sighed. Susan knew for a fact that the missions committee wanted to a good job of serving their church and […]

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Why a Global Missions Toolbox? And why now?

The concept for the Global Missions Toolbox is simple. Yet as we prepare for launch in 2021, we believe the initiative is strategic and timely. The Toolbox is a collection of practical and trustworthy missions resources for Senders. At this point, we have three groups of people in mind: Pastors, Missions Committee members, and Friends […]

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