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Why did you develop the Global Missions Toolbox?

After engaging with pastors, missions committees, and other Senders, we identified a gap. What we saw lacking was not the existence of good material (anyone can Google and find good stuff) but a trusted and orderly source of good material. That’s why we’ve used the idea of curation even before we develop entirely new tools. Add to this location a missions-minded community to share and learn together, and you have the vision of the Global Missions Toolbox!

We have developed the Toolbox with Senders in mind. Senders are faithful Christ-followers who will not necessarily live on a mission field themselves yet are earnest about advancing the Great Commission. Initially, we hope that the Toolbox will be of help specifically to pastors, missions committee members, and friends and family members of Goers. In time, we want to see many other groups of people involved in supporting global missions from home. So, we will look to include resources with them in mind.

We sure hope so! (We think everyone is a Sender at some level!) As you discern God’s calling on your life as a Goer, we hope these tools will be helpful to you personally as well as those who will help send you.

You can go to our About Page to learn about our standards and priorities when selecting new resources.

Our first tools are designed to offer practical traction in doing missions well. We hope that users will find immediate benefit. In time, we envision some “deeper” initiatives (ex. short online courses) that will build on the feedback and credibility of early traction.

We have no established schedule for launching new tools, but we are conducting regular reviews of both existing tools and the list of suggestions from our users. You can make a suggestion or contribution by filling out the form on this page.

It’s certainly possible. Like many toolboxes, there are probably tools that are tired or worn and might need to be retired or replaced. It’s early enough in the process, however, that we expect that’s still a ways off.

No! We have benefitted from many who have gone before. While we have adapted and updated different resources, much of the material has existed previously in some form.

We are very encouraged to hear this! We’d love to hear from you, get to know you, and consider how you could be a part of the Global Missions Toolbox. You can email us at

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