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The Global Missions Toolbox is continually being added to and updated.

We hope to regularly add helpful resources (“tools”) to the Toolbox. Your suggestions are welcomed!

We gladly and purposefully give credit to the source of every tool which is a part of the Toolbox.

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Proposals for inclusion are reviewed by our Management Team and, in some cases, by our Advisory Group. Every effort is made to ensure all adopted tools are God-honouring, useful for His purposes, and (usually) have some track record of value. We’re also careful to give credit to the helpful contributions of the developers.

You or your organization may have a tool that will serve Senders. We would gratefully consider including your contribution. Or maybe you have an idea for a topic that should be addressed or a tool that should be developed. We would be glad to work with you to ensure that the Global Missions Toolbox serves Senders well. Let us know about your idea, and let’s pray, network, and develop together—all for God’s glory!

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